Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sanity Prevails Down South...Obama Wins!!!!!!

I woke up with a huge sense of relief this morning because Barack Obama retained the presidency. Credit is due to Mitt Romney for keeping the race close, but in the end the best candidate won. After all, Obama understands that a top-down, trickle-down system hasn't and will never work. Unless tax loopholes are closed and the wealthiest citizens and companies pay their fair share (read more than their secretaries), the government will always have a deficit and will not be able to provide support for the middle and lower classes.

I'm not saying Obama is perfect. Far from it. He hasn't been able to get through the political gridlock created by the Tea Party and far right in the House, but Obamacare and other initiatives give me hope that he has and will bring more positive change for the majority of Americans, which will help Canada and the rest of the world get on track.

Good job, Mr. President!!

Obama's victory speech