Friday, July 24, 2015

Hulk Hogan released by WWE over racist comments

If Hogan Knows Best, his divorce and his sex tape didn't tarnish Terry Bollea's (aka Hulk Hogan) image in the minds of lifelong fans, this latest scandal is likely to do the trick.

Several sources, including TMZ and are reporting that Hulk Hogan was released/fired by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) late last night for using racist language in a taped conversation. TMZ claims to have seen his sex tape, which includes Hulk Hogan admitting that he is a "little bit racist" and that he didn't like his daughter's current boyfriend partly because he is black.

Obviously WWE has seen the tape themselves or believe that these reports are true because they wasted no time in dumping Hogan, arguably the most famous man in wrestling history, once they caught wind of the comments.

Here are links to the story from and TMZ. You can get more details from them.

This is indeed a sad day my fellow wrestling fans.   :(

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