Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On Rob Ford on the day he admitted to being a crack head

...If smoking crack isn't a bad enough habit to have if you are running the city of Toronto, being a homophobic, racist mayor should push you off the public support cliff and deep into the abyss of right-wing rednecks who don't represent the majority of Torontonians and aren't fit to run our beautiful city. Let's focus on the idiotic prejudices this man has more than his substance abuse problem, even though both are reasons for him to quit his job, get help and let someone more stable and open-minded run this city.

Oh and by the way, this has been on my chest for a long time...I want to deliver a nice big GO FLY A KITE to anyone who has mentioned privatizing garbage collection west of Yonge Street as a major accomplishment for Ford. So we save a little money up front, maybe, but we can't guarantee the quality of the work and we just allowed the mayor to take away fair wages and benefits from people who do a job most people wouldn't do on their darkest, most desparate day.

Anyway, John Stewart made funny of our friendly neighbourhood Ford yesterday and it was hilarious stuff. The video is posted below.