Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer!!!

Finally!! It has been out for a little while, but I am excited to share it and some impressions nonetheless!

Without further ado, here is the teaser trailer:

(Courtesy the official Star Wars Youtube channel)

Some thoughts:

*Boy howdy! Disney/Lucasfilm know how to draw people in to even a teaser trailer with their epic dialogue and frenetic action sequences. Cudos to their editing department.

*John Williams is the man! I get goosebumps just listening to the score of the soundtrack. Without him, Star Wars would be nothing more than another middling sci-fi franchise from the 1970's/80's.

* The Force Awakens, while definitely an entertaining and enjoyable film, was full of call-backs and plot points hoisted from the original trilogy. So was Rogue One. I expect The Last Jedi to the be the same, as even the trailer hints at a battle with Walkers on some sort of snow planet and many a training montage a la Empire Strikes Back. Add to that the fact that a Japanese poster for the film suggests that there will be a shocking surprise in this film and we are headed towards Empire 2.0 in a lot of ways. Good thing Empire is my favourite Star Wars movie, eh!

*Kylo Ren's mask being in pieces on the ground in the trailer suggests to me that he is ready to step out of the shadows and become his own man, no longer needing to emulate and rely on the guidance of Darth Vader to keep him on the dark side of town. It will be interesting to see what a fully realized dark practitioner formerly known as Ben Solo will be capable of.

*That space battle scene! Mouthwatering. Drool inducing. Spine tingling. It isn't a proper Star Wars flick without one and I like the mix of old familiar ships with some intriguing new vessels.

*Most viewers, including myself, have fixated on the final line of the teaser. Luke utter's the words "I only know one truth: it is time for the Jedi...to end" to Rey, it would appear, in a stoic, resigned fashion that makes one believe that there is no way to change his mind on the matter. The obvious questions that immediately spring to mind are: why do the Jedi need to end? How do want to end the Jedi line? What Jedi are left in the universe? I, for one, think that it's possible that Luke has found the Journal of the Whills or another such revered, ancient text that has completely altered his view of The Force, the Jedi and the very nature of existence itself. Add to that the guilt and emotional turmoil Luke seems to be suffering since Ben Solo turned on him and became Kylo Ren and you have the makings of a cynical, world-weary character who doesn't want to carry the mantle of the Jedi anymore, let alone pass it on to the next great hope for the sacred ancient order.

This concludes my nonsensical ramblings about the teaser trailer for The Last Jedi.I would also love to know what you think of this slice of cinematic heaven. Continue the conversation in the comments section of this post and I will respond to all that leave a reply.


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