Saturday, March 26, 2016

Donald Trump Winning the Battle but Losing the War?

Yesterday, the Toronto Star posted an article aptly titled "Why Donald Trump is a Historically Weak Candidate", which, unsurprisingly, explains why he may win the battle of the Republican Primaries, but at this point he is highly unlikely to win the war (the Presidential Election) to either Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

 Consider, for a moment, that Trump is trailing in polls among Black and Hispanic voters to Clinton pretty much everywhere and sits third to Bernie Sanders in many states as well. The Donald even trails 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney's numbers among white voters, and we all remember how much of a smackdown Barack Obama gave Romney on election day.

 And then there are female voters. Some recent polls are showing that more than half, and as many as 70 %, of women view Donald Trump unfavorably and his latest (re)tweet attacking Ted Cruz' wife are not helping with this demographic, let me tell you.

 Even worse, Trump is trailing BOTH Clinton and Sanders in usually staunchly conservative states like Utah. If the Republican candidate can't even win Utah, how will they be able to fare even respectfully in swing states like Ohio and Florida?

 The full Toronto Star article going into this subject in more detail is posted below, just below the tweet of Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz' wife. Someone needs to tell this guy he is doing himself no favors.

(Courtesy Twitter)

(Courtesy Toronto Star)

Why Donald Trump is a historically weak candidate

WASHINGTON—As Donald Trump racks up victories in the Republican presidential primary, breezily promising to win Democratic states like New Jersey and Michigan in the general election, it’s easy to forget just how unpopular he is with the American public. Extremely unpopular. Historically unpopular. Trump has managed to attract thousands of new voters. But he has repulsed…

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On Rebel Media: What Decade are they Living in? The 20's???

I was recently watching John Oliver clips on Youtube and  few clips from Rebel Media popped up. I had heard of Rebel Media and vaguely had an idea that they were white, male, right-wing blowhards waiting for the 1950's to spring up again, and boy was I right. After a quick minute of research, I realized that this is the new forum for all the former Sun News Network hacks to ooze their slanted, hate-filled bile on the world. Figures. I remember hearing something about them being banned from NDP events in Alberta for a short time for being all kinds of crazy.

Take, for example, Gavin McInnes' take on single moms. He claims that men don't and shouldn't have time to get children ready for school because that is the domain of the 'single mom', who will have nothing to do all day when dad is at work but pick her nose. no women work these days? It's the man's job alone to be the bread winner and mom's can't work or else the kid will be left to fend for themselves? What about the vast majority of families where both parents work these days? Holy mother of... The video is below, if you want to see for yourself. Oh, and near the end he gets into the idea that dad's are better than making rules than moms and that adopting a kid as a single mom is child abuse. Very often one dedicated parent is just as or more successful raising kid(s) than 2 parents who neglect the child(ren) or fight and are bitter all the time.

The second video, entitled Racism Doesn't Exist, made me even angrier. Gavin Mcinnis is at it again, trying to claim that racism doesn't exist, or is so statistically rare that it's irrelevant. Tell that to Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Syrian refugees who are trying to find a safe place to live where bombs aren't threatening to destroy their homes and lives every second. That is not the same as an air conditioner falling on your head. He goes on to say that black guys get more 'poon' than white guys, which is supposed to make everything else even or ok? O...K...Next, Mr. McInnis decides to say that he has a slight aversion to people of different races when he first meets them and says women have emotional breakdowns when he talks to them (I wonder why?). Carrying on, McInnis calls 'the gays' 'literally abnormal' for 'taking a penis your butt' and takes about gay men having 'eightsomes'. Do I need to go into the plethora of reasons why these comments are homophobic, misogynistic and outright offensive? His main point this almost 8 minute rant is that we have much worse biases than 'our natural tiny little saran wrap layer of racism, sexism and homophobia' and goes on to site astrology and getting divorced when you have a 1 year old child as examples. Does anyone on the planet think that these personal biases are nearly as dangerous or prevalent as racism, sexism or homophobia? I am going to have to go back and look at the stats to see the last time someone was killed because the killer didn't like their sign. I'm going to need to bang my head of a wall and listen to some Henry Rollins to clear my head of this utter tripe!

Watch the videos for yourself and see if you find them as worthy of derision and ripping your ears off as I do. Please, make the madness stop!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

John Oliver Calls out Trump (Drumpf)...Bazinga!!!

Well, many have tried to get different mud to stick on Donald Trump for the last several months. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson couldn't do it. Many in the centre and on the left have failed thus far, as Trump is poised to clean up on Super Tuesday in the United States and cruise to the Republican Presidential nomination.

...But then John Oliver chose to get involved. And he finally brought with him cold hard facts to wipe that smug grin off the millionaire's face. You can watch the video below.

John Oliver on Donald Trump

Oliver is not afraid to call Trump out on flip-flopping more than a beached whale, racist tendencies, failed businesses (Trump Steaks anyone?) and his lack of actual grit and toughness. I believe he could have hit home on his proposed policies towards Muslims and his Facist ideas, but he did get into what he needed to for the most part.

I appreciate that Trump was called out for not disavowing former KKK leader David Duke, but I believe that Trump knew he couldn't outwardly shun racists when they form so much of his base of support (see: Tea Party).

American news outlet has a fairly detailed article covering Oliver's Trump bashing at this link.  After watching and reading all of this, will you be able to look at Donald J. Trum....I mean the same way ever again? (Yes, Drumpf was his original family name).

I am not a huge fan of Hilary Clinton, but if she is the best option to make sure this lunatic never gets near the Whitehouse, I am all for it.

I long for the opportunity to hear Vince McMahon say, just one more time in his trademark way, to Donald Trump, on the day of his losing the Republican nomination or presidential election, his glorious phrase: "Donald Trump...Youuuuuuurrrrrrr'eeeee Fiiiiirrrrreeeeeddddd!!!"

Monday, February 08, 2016

Daniel Bryan Set to Retire

It is with a heavy heart that I report to you, dear reader, that Daniel Bryan's sports entertainment career as an active wrestler is over. is reporting that Bryan is set to retire due to lingering health concerns. Daniel's Twitter account confirms the news:

Daniel Bryan won over fans with his infectious, everyman personality and expert technical wrestling skills. He is a professional wrestler who won over fans so much that they forced Vince and Co. to make him WWE Champ even though Mr. McMahon thought we was too small to carry the top belt and the company on his back. He proved his harshest critics wrong and was so over that other faces (ahem, Roman Reigns) were booed out of arenas when they defeated him.

I understand that his health comes first. He is making a choice I would also make, as he wants to live to be able to pick up his future kids and play with them. I wish him all the best in his post-wrestling life.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Henry Rollins: Big Think

Hello dear reader! I just came across some Henry Rollins (incredible musician, actor, lyricist, public speaker and punk god!!)  Big Think videos on Youtube and wanted to share them. They are a few years old, but incredibly relevant still today.

The short pieces go into gay marriage, racism, education and job outsourcing, to name but a few areas. He also echos my opinions very closely: racism is outdated adn juvenile, gay marriage is feared by uninformed overly religioso types, educated 20-somethings are struggling because most good jobs have been shipped overseas and our society won't be successful until employment opportunities are brought back.

Mr. Rollins is specifically talking about America, but his ideas can be applied to Canada and Europe almost seamlessly. I would love to hear your thoughts on some of these issues, too.

Anyway, on to the videos (credit to the original uploaders, BBC and Big Think!!)


 Gay Marriage

Education and the job market Henry

Rollins on BBC Hardtalk