Saturday, March 26, 2016

Donald Trump Winning the Battle but Losing the War?

Yesterday, the Toronto Star posted an article aptly titled "Why Donald Trump is a Historically Weak Candidate", which, unsurprisingly, explains why he may win the battle of the Republican Primaries, but at this point he is highly unlikely to win the war (the Presidential Election) to either Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

 Consider, for a moment, that Trump is trailing in polls among Black and Hispanic voters to Clinton pretty much everywhere and sits third to Bernie Sanders in many states as well. The Donald even trails 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney's numbers among white voters, and we all remember how much of a smackdown Barack Obama gave Romney on election day.

 And then there are female voters. Some recent polls are showing that more than half, and as many as 70 %, of women view Donald Trump unfavorably and his latest (re)tweet attacking Ted Cruz' wife are not helping with this demographic, let me tell you.

 Even worse, Trump is trailing BOTH Clinton and Sanders in usually staunchly conservative states like Utah. If the Republican candidate can't even win Utah, how will they be able to fare even respectfully in swing states like Ohio and Florida?

 The full Toronto Star article going into this subject in more detail is posted below, just below the tweet of Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz' wife. Someone needs to tell this guy he is doing himself no favors.

(Courtesy Twitter)

(Courtesy Toronto Star)

Why Donald Trump is a historically weak candidate

WASHINGTON—As Donald Trump racks up victories in the Republican presidential primary, breezily promising to win Democratic states like New Jersey and Michigan in the general election, it’s easy to forget just how unpopular he is with the American public. Extremely unpopular. Historically unpopular. Trump has managed to attract thousands of new voters. But he has repulsed…

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