Sunday, February 07, 2016

Henry Rollins: Big Think

Hello dear reader! I just came across some Henry Rollins (incredible musician, actor, lyricist, public speaker and punk god!!)  Big Think videos on Youtube and wanted to share them. They are a few years old, but incredibly relevant still today.

The short pieces go into gay marriage, racism, education and job outsourcing, to name but a few areas. He also echos my opinions very closely: racism is outdated adn juvenile, gay marriage is feared by uninformed overly religioso types, educated 20-somethings are struggling because most good jobs have been shipped overseas and our society won't be successful until employment opportunities are brought back.

Mr. Rollins is specifically talking about America, but his ideas can be applied to Canada and Europe almost seamlessly. I would love to hear your thoughts on some of these issues, too.

Anyway, on to the videos (credit to the original uploaders, BBC and Big Think!!)


 Gay Marriage

Education and the job market Henry

Rollins on BBC Hardtalk

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