Monday, February 29, 2016

John Oliver Calls out Trump (Drumpf)...Bazinga!!!

Well, many have tried to get different mud to stick on Donald Trump for the last several months. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson couldn't do it. Many in the centre and on the left have failed thus far, as Trump is poised to clean up on Super Tuesday in the United States and cruise to the Republican Presidential nomination.

...But then John Oliver chose to get involved. And he finally brought with him cold hard facts to wipe that smug grin off the millionaire's face. You can watch the video below.

John Oliver on Donald Trump

Oliver is not afraid to call Trump out on flip-flopping more than a beached whale, racist tendencies, failed businesses (Trump Steaks anyone?) and his lack of actual grit and toughness. I believe he could have hit home on his proposed policies towards Muslims and his Facist ideas, but he did get into what he needed to for the most part.

I appreciate that Trump was called out for not disavowing former KKK leader David Duke, but I believe that Trump knew he couldn't outwardly shun racists when they form so much of his base of support (see: Tea Party).

American news outlet has a fairly detailed article covering Oliver's Trump bashing at this link.  After watching and reading all of this, will you be able to look at Donald J. Trum....I mean the same way ever again? (Yes, Drumpf was his original family name).

I am not a huge fan of Hilary Clinton, but if she is the best option to make sure this lunatic never gets near the Whitehouse, I am all for it.

I long for the opportunity to hear Vince McMahon say, just one more time in his trademark way, to Donald Trump, on the day of his losing the Republican nomination or presidential election, his glorious phrase: "Donald Trump...Youuuuuuurrrrrrr'eeeee Fiiiiirrrrreeeeeddddd!!!"

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